Concept 3D Studio- Dizajn interijera

Adam Mračić

Accredited Interior Designer / Project Manager

He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Brera in Milan majoring in design and decoration. During his education and further training at other institutions of higher education, he focuses on ambient installations, which he still successfully integrates into commercial and residential settings. He sees design at the same time as a kind of directing, not just function and furnishing.

Setting up objects, volumes and details, properly controlled in the setting itself, is a necessary element of the final project. The initial sketches create an image of a future setting, often an artistic approach, create a framework within which it operates, which becomes the basis for other design interventions, from innovation, experimentation with materials and forms, to creative improvisation.

The final work is a 3D visualization of the ambience that photorealistically depicts the interior design itself with all its integral parts.

Kai Matulina

B. Sc. Accredited Product Designer

After graduating from the Design Studio at the Faculty of Architecture in the field of Industrial Design in Zagreb, she gained many years of experience in formation and designing various objects and furniture, the process of which follows from the initial sketches to the production and final realization.

With development methods and innovation she creates a series of experimental projects in the field of product design, which successfully combines the function and aesthetics of her projects.

Subsequent training at higher education institutions turns her focus to digital tools, 3d modeling and 3d visualizations in which she integrates her models and objects into various commercial or residential spaces.

Finalizes interior and exterior projects with photorealistic 3d visualizations and post-production of final renders.